We can see through fibreglass?

Only if you are superman and with special x ray glasses.
No, these profiles are composed of glass fibers held together by a polymeric matrix of thermosetting resin and additives. It uses basically yarn roving, mat , veil surface, thermosetting resin with ultraviolet action inhibitor, a flame retardant, catalysts, among others. All these composites produce an opaque structure that does not allow us to see through it.

Can fibreglass pultruded profiles exposed to the sun? Can it be used under very high temperatures?

Yes, the material can be exposed to the sun. To resist to UV light, it goes through a special production process receiving a surface web and additives in the resin to become more resistant. The material also receives special paint with polyurethane paint of high performance that give it long life.

Does the burn of the fibreglass profiles release any harmful chemicals?

BOAVISTA windows pultruded profiles have low toxicity values due to the absence of halogens.

Can BOAVISTA pultruded profiles be painted?

Yes they can! They can be coated to any RAL colour.

Do pultruded profiles rust?

No. Because it is a plastic material, the pultruded profile does not "rust".

The material is weldable, such as metals? How these unions between parts are made?

No. Material is joined by fastening elements like screws or rivets with or without the use of high performance adhesives.

What tools do you use in manual work with this product?

In an industrial environment is used similar equipment those employed in the timber and aluminium industries, such as circular saws and drills. In most cases, manual machines are used, such as jigsaws, screwdrivers and professional drills. Continuous diamond coated discs are highly recommended.

What are the advantages of the material?

The main advantages of using pultruded profiles in windows, are their resistance to corrosion resistance, the high mechanical strength, the light weight and the fact that they contribute to a sustainable home, as they require little energy in production and have great thermal performance after being transformed into windows.