In order to obtain this certification, a complete analysis of the company activity was carried out at the same time as the emissions and consumption of resources resulting from the company's activity were quantified according to the rigorous calculation methodology "The Greenhouse Gas Protocol". The compensation of GHG emissions is made through the planting of trees of indigenous or naturalized species, in national territory, according to the verified emissions, which contributes to the management and valorisation of the Portuguese forest. According to Francisco Branco, CEO of BOAVISTA "it is up to companies to take their share of responsibility for the defense of the planet and at BOAVISTA we take our part very seriously. We are all responsible for leaving the planet better than we have found it and businesses should be no exception " BOAVISTA’s values are transmitted both in its products and in its processes. The durability of fiberglass windows, their performance and the low energy consumption of their production are based on the value of sustainability. Making a difference is a lot easier than it sounds. In each company or in each home we can choose not to use products that we know harm the environment. For example, by reducing the amount of GHG emissions using more public transport as opposed to using private cars, or, as in BOAVISTA, abandoning the use of plastics on a daily basis. BOAVISTA, the first brand in Europe to develop fiberglass window systems, gives another step in the sustainability of its activity.

Designed by César Machado Moreira, this refurbushment uses the same colour on the external walls and window frames for a bold design.

This project is located downtown Porto, one of the most important areas of the city, where many inhabitants, tourists and workers circulate frequently. Inevitably it is an area where we find high levels of noise both day and night. It is in areas like this that the new results obtained regarding the sound insulation capacity of the BOAVISTA windows stand out. These systems allow you to create a space where you can work without distractions and get quality rest. The characteristics of fibreglass also make it possible to use large spans without compromising the acoustic and thermal insulation of the building. Perfect for projects where the facades aim at the entrance of a lot of light.

This project is a rehabilitation of a building from the 50s of the twentieth century with modern elements that give it lightness and functionality. See more at: Photography: Luís Coelho

Located on Rua do Breiner, Oporto, this is a rrefurbishment project of a building from the 80s by the architect Pedro Silva, from the studio ANARCHLAB. This building has BOVISTA frames in all apartments, having been chosen the BWTT60 system.


  • "Meronden Designs Ltd highly recommend Boavista Windows to our discerning clients and their architects. We promote sustainable design and Boavista Windows form an integral part of our product offering with successful installations across the south of England."

    Debby Puttock

    Meronden Designs
  • "Regarding sustainability, BOAVISTA windows can be highly recommended. Not only because they are made of a durable and recyclable material, fibreglass, but also because they have high thermal and acoustic performance and require hardly any maintenance, having a low economic cost throughout the life span of the product."

    Aline Delgado

    Architect- Portal da Construção Sustentável
  • "My experience with BOAVISTA Windows has been very positive. The first contact I had was on a visit to my office to get to know their fibreglass systems. In no time an opportunity came to use their systems as a good alternative to aluminium, economically and technically. The design support and its installation took place was problem free."

    Pedro Miranda

  • "Working in the field of doors and windows for more than 20 years we were more than happy to meet the innovative and future orientated window systems of BOAVISTA and all people behind. Already knowing the excellent technical Portuguese expertise for 16 years we are looking forward to introduce Boavista in the German, Austrian and Swiss market, to introduce the sustainable ideas to private and public customers, to architects and project planners."

    Peter Kirchhausen



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