The base material of BOAVISTA windows is silica (sand), an abundant resource, of simple extraction and friendly to the environment. This means that, since its origin, fibreglass has a reduced ecological footprint.

Furthermore its production process - pultrusion - has low energy consumption and high durability. We therefore obtain a product that throughout its life cycle has a reduced environmental impact in our ecosystem.

Production process - Pultrusion

The fibreglass profiles that we use in all BOAVISTA windows are produced through a technology called PULTRUSION

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Fibreglass is a composite material reinforced with high quality glass fibres. Materials are the stuff of design and the main advantage of a composite material is the potential to combine the very best characteristics of each individual component into one product.

The principle being that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its component parts.

Developments in production now mean that any fibreglass product is impervious to chemical degradation, resistant to high and low temperatures and will have outstanding durability.

Over the last few decades these material improvements mean that fibreglass has also been gaining ground in a wide range of product design sectors from furniture to buildings and especially in demanding environments.

Fibreglass is highly resistant to warping, twisting, rotting, cracking or shrinking. It will remain strong and watertight under duress.

Fibreglass windows will ensure that repairs and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Wherever your project and whatever the climate install a product that provides real longevity and durability.



Technical advances in the fibreglass pultrusion process mean that complex window profiles are now possible. They have both visual and tactile appeal.

The strength of the fibreglass frame means reduced frame thickness and increased glass surface area helping you to maximize natural lighting.

Design and install windows that are both beautiful and at the cutting edge of fitness for purpose.


The BOAVISTA fibreglass pultruded profiles are machined and cut like traditional aluminium systems and can therefore be turned into windows by any experienced manufacturer, using standard machinery. Without bonding or welding, the BOAVISTA window and door manufacturing system is simple and fast.