5 Examples of Durable Stuff Made of Pultruded Profiles


Fibreglass is a composite material reinforced with high quality glass fibres. The main advantage of a composite material is the potential to combine the very best characteristics of each individual component into one product. The principle being that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its component parts. Developments in production now mean that any fibreglass product is impervious to chemical degradation, resistant to high and low temperatures and will have outstanding durability. Over the last few decades these material improvements mean that fibreglass has also been gaining ground in a wide range of product design sectors from furniture to buildings and especially in demanding environments.

Here you can find a list of 5 cool products/constructions where pultruded fibreglass profiles are an obvious choice. 

Wastewater treatment 

Wastewater treatment plays a vital role in the functioning of all countries as it enables human consumption of water and its reintroduction into watersheds without contaminating rivers, groundwater and soils. Subject to chemical aggressions caused not only by water, but by all the pollutants therein, the old water treatment plant structures needed constant maintenance and renovation, which was a major cost for taxpayers. Pultruded profiles, used not only in structures, but also in walkways, staircases, railings and other light metalwork, extend the service life of the treatment plants as they are highly resistant to these corrosive elements. They can also be exposed to the sun and extreme temperatures during the year without damage as well as without contracting and swelling by temperature. This allows for lower maintenance needs.

Works of art 

Cabrita Reis, a reknown portuguese artist, used fibreglass pultruded profiles for his work installed in Porto Palácio Hotel, at Boavista Avenue, in Porto. Painted in several colours, this structure is durable and was thought to last. 


Structures for swimming stadiums 

Because they do not suffer from any corrosion or decay as well as due to their mechanical characteristics, fiberglass profiles are suitable for the construction of buildings with pools and other humid environments.


Imagine windows made of a resistant, highly-durable material that is an insulator to temperature and electric charges. Imagine that those windows are very stable when subject to high and low temperatures. Seems about right, don’t you think? These are fibreglass windows. Brought to you by BOAVISTA windows, they are not only made of a great material but also have a sleek design that can be used in both new modern design as well as in vintage refurbishment projects.

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