7 things that make Boavista Windows “Green”


01- The base material of fibreglass windows is glass made mostly from pre-existing glass – recycled;

02- There is little waste in the production process;

03- BOAVISTA windows have low embedded energy, meaning the total energy required from raw material to delivery;

04- At BOAVISTA, we compensate the little energy spent by planting trees;

05- Fibreglass windows maintain their installed condition, quality of finish and colour for years and years, being resistant to corrosion and to extreme weather conditions;

06- Fibreglass windows have excellent proven thermal performance, and will ensure excellent energy efficiency

07- BOAVISTA Windows are designed for sustainability and durability

Ensure your building design takes a longer view. Invest in long lasting and easy to care for product that will also ensure significant long term savings in maintenance costs and energy bills. 

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