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Founded in 2011, BOAVISTA Windows, FWD’s flagship brand, is a brand of advanced fiberglass window systems.

We were born in the Historic District of Porto, and the first years of the brand’s life were devoted to the development of frames and its certification, and the first sales were made in 2013.

Where are we now?

Currently headquartered in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, where we have our factory and main showroom, BOAVISTA has a network of partners spread across Europe and the Middle East.

With a complete range of window solutions, BOAVISTA systems are designed to combine design with sustainability, both for their performance and their ecological footprint. 

Designed to be highly resistant to chemically aggressive elements such as sea breeze, BOAVISTA frames are developed by our design team and tested by an internationally recognised body. CE marked, BOAVISTA products comply with existing standards.

The BOAVISTA team is composed of architects and engineers available to assist you in the execution of your projects. With several years of experience, they will guide you through our solutions and assure your satisfaction!