Boavista Selected For The Mangues Eco Sustainable Residences Project On The West Coast Of Portugal

Located in Serra de Mangues, São Martinho do Porto, the Mangues Eco Sustainable Residences project consists of 5 villas and the conversion of an existing mill. With a location very close to the beach and with great concerns about sustainability, this project fits perfectly in the BOAVISTA philosophy.

The main factors that led to the choice of BOAVISTA windows were the corrosion resistance, of extreme importance on the West Coast of Portugal where wind and sea air prevail; and sustainability, the main motto of this project.

For this project the BWD60 systems were chosen, for the entrance doors; the BWSL45 system, for sliding, for the social areas; the BWDS35 system of double guillotine for passage areas, allowing to increase the natural ventilation without reducing the interior space;

BWTT60 system for bedrooms and other areas.

You can find out more about the project on the promoters’ website: and about the BOAVISTA systems on the WINDOWS page.

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