Don’t miss: 5 advantages of using BOAVISTA windows in offices

BOAVISTA Windows are not only highly resistant due to the material they are made of but also have great performances. Check out below the advantages of using BOAVISTA windows in your next office/commercial project: 

  • Warm touch and premium design 

With BOAVISTA windows you can achieve a unique and premium look with a warm touch. Nowadays offices and commercial spaces are more and more designed to achieve not only an economical purpose but also to achieve a specific client and worker experience. 

Small touches such as the feel of the window and door when the user opens it are very important. Premium offices and shops are the perfect fit for outstanding clients and workers.

  • Sustainable 

Global warming is one of our main concerns and everyone has to do their part. Why not starting with the construction materials chosen for your work environment? 

BOAVISTA windows are made from fibreglass – with very low embedded energy. They are also highly durable, lasting longer and therefore having a longer lifespan, reducing waste. 

The whole production process is designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment but the little CO2 produced is compensated by planting trees in the portuguese forest. 

  • Lower maintenance costs

We know that businesses have to be economically sustainable and hassle free. And that means spending as little as possible in maintenance. Fibreglass pultruded profiles are very stable when subjected to high and low temperatures, with very low contraction/expansion ratios. This means that the maintenance needed is punctual and its cost is reduced. 

  • Lower energy consumptions with heating/cooling

BOAVISTA windows have great thermal and weatherproof performances due to their design and base material, which does not do thermal bridges. This means that they will contribute to the higher thermal performance of your building and therefore the reduction of energy consumption related to heating and cooling. And we all know what that means: savings! 

  • Great looks does not have to compromise security

BOAVISTA has a range of burglary resistant windows: the BWTT60 system is certified to withstand to RC2 resistance level. This means you can have great looking windows without compromising security. 

Want to learn more about BOAVISTA Windows? Check out our website or get in touch.

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