Meet the Partner : Peter Kirchhausen

What makes Boavista different in my opinion?

I have been working in the field of windows, doors, facades and security for the past 25 years.

During this time I have dealt with all materials and was involved in manufacturing processes, development, production, distribution and many projects.

There is a large number of manufacturers for all materials who always use existing manufacturing ideas, processes and materials.

First developments with alternative materials for windows and doors could inspire me from the beginning, my network and many friends won by projects also from Portugal let me finally also become acquainted with the innovative ideas and fast conversions of Boavista. The idea of fibreglass, which I only knew from shaping surfboards, the narrow solutions, which manage without the thermal separations never loved by me, paired with an extremely CO2 friendly production let me listen attentively and fortunately participate. The company FWD (“forward”) as basis for innovation and “Think Future” as well as the people involved, the further development and the first very good resonance in different markets encouraged me and my team in the new orientation to distribute the systems of Boavistawindows with commitment and heart.

We are looking forward to a common future with FWD and Boavista windows.

Peter Kirchhausen

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