Optimize interior space by using these window systems

More and more the available spaces for construction are smaller and optimization is the key issue for a successful design. 

Saving a few square centimeters can be fundamental when designing small to medium size spaces, both in residential and commercial projects.

Using the right kind of window can help the architects’ saving floor space that was once use for opening windows and doors and allow its use for something else.

BOAVISTA’s range has an interesting range of windows that allow optimization of floor space:

The BWO 60, a casement system designed to open outwards, can be fully opened without using any space inside the building. Using a pivot hardware, it was cleverly designed to allow easy access to the outer face of the window, allowing ease of maintenance and cleaning. 

Its design is minimal and the frame can be fully concealed with paneling or drywall, leaving only the window leaf visible. 

The BWDS35 system is a double hung sash window. This system is very versatile as both glazed panels slide up and down OR can be locked in place. This means that the bottom panel can be used as a balustrade, leaving the top panel “free” to be opened. 

Maintenance was also thought here and both panels tilt inwards for maintenance and cleaning access. 

To learn more about these window systems, register today on our Downloads section or contact BOAVISTA today. 

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