BWD60 System

BWD60 is BOAVISTA’s door system. Based on the BWTT60, as it shares the same frame, the BWD60 has a thicker sash profile to allow adequate space for door hardware. It houses a four point locking system, combined with standard three hinge as two meter height, which can vary on units installed, depending on the sash’s weight and dimensions.

As for door sills, there are three types to be chosen from – for a slide opening door, without floor surface interruptions, the pile seal finish discreet profile is the option to go with. As for more robust insulation and air tightness, the sturdy aluminum profile sill guarantees the absence of thermal and air gaps. You can also adapt other existing sills made of stone, metal or aluminium.

Main advantages

  • Allows secure locking system, with multiple locking points;
  • Can be used with glass or with opaque fibreglass panel;
  • Customizable handles and colours.

Think Ahead, Think BOAVISTA

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