BWSL45 System
Sliding windows / Doors

The Sliding window/door system  is an excellent system with a large array of application thanks to its modular configuration and high thermal performance.

The sliding motion is robust and perfect for optimizing inner building space. It can be combined with fixed sashes and other systems like the Tilt’N’Turn.

The watertightness of the window is assured through a twofold weatherstrip.

It uses a standard hardware with one locking point that can be upgraded to two or three points as well as cylinder lock to increase security.

Main advantages

  • It allows multiple configurations up to 6,5m2 per sash;
  • One, two or three rails
  • Max. weight per panel: 250kg
  • Upgradable hardware for increased security
  • Reduced visibility of the frame to maximize view and sunlight.

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