Isabel Gaspar
Growth Manager

Hello and welcome to the blog Thinking Ahead.

My name is Isabel and I am the Growth Manager of BOAVISTA Windows.

Here I bring you some insights on what it is like to work at BOAVISTA and what drives us: our culture and what we love.
I hope you enjoy it.



[probably] The Most Blog About BOAVISTA

Micro interviews series – Joana Couto

This is the first in a series of interviews in micro format. We launched 4 questions to architects, clients, partners, friends to know them a little better.
The first “victim”, is Joana Couto, Architect, from Leiria, Portugal.

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Why we LOVE Porto

Boavista Windows was born in Porto, Portugal.
Whoever has been in Porto will recognize our name: it means “Good view” but is also the name of a large district of the city. This shows how deeply connected we are with Porto.

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Isabel Pereira_Growth Manager

Welcome to Thinking Ahead

As you may have noticed, we decided to change the website’s organization a little to make this space more personal.
I have been Growth Manager at BOAVISTA Windows since 2019 but I have been on board since 2015. Coming from a background linked to major metallic structures and façades’ works, I came across Boavista Windows at a time when I wanted to change my life. After a few years working in one of the largest groups in the metal construction business in Europe, I wanted to leave the giant scale and follow a project that was truly innovative and with growth potential, from the beginning.

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5 examples of durable stuff made of pultruded profiles

In case you missed this article on our old blog, here are 5 examples of ultra durable stuff made with fibreglass pultruded profiles. Fibreglass is a composite material reinforced with high quality glass fibres. The main advantage of a composite material is the potential to combine the very best characteristics of each individual component into one product.

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