URBAN Art Project by BOAVISTA Windows

A few months ago BOAVISTA windows invited the young artists SSBStencil and KILOS  to leave their mark in the showroom partition walls. 

Check out the photos here and learn more about the artists:

SSBStencil is the street name of Simão Sousa Branca. This young artist uses pretty much anything as a surface for his art, from walls to skateboards.

He is specialized in stencils and spray painting

SSBStencil can be contacted by email [] or by phone [+351 911 933 734 ]


Kilos is the street name of Raul Ramos Pinto. He started graffiting aged 16, and soon after became pro. He has had 2 solo exhibits in Dedicated Store in Porto and at Suuuper in Porto. He graduated in Design from ESAD in 2019 and has painted in Porto, Lisbon, Barcelona and Berlin. 

Kilos can be contacted by email [] or by phone [+351 915 183 479 ]


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